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Igreja do Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus dos Perdões (church)

Dedicated to Bom Jesus dos Perdões, which celebrations happen every 5th and 6th of August, the church was built in 1838 in colonial style with thick stone walls, being this the first construction in Guaraqueçaba. It is located on Coronel João Isidoro Street.

Colonial Houses

The Colonial Houses and several examples of the architecture of the XIX century may be observed in most of the streets in the city with the characteristics of the style . The Ecological Station is an outstanding spot. At IBAMA´s office, there is a permanent expo about the history of the place being told on pannels and paintings of the Swiss Willian Michaud, who lived in Superagüi from 1852 to1902.

Mirante da Serra Negra

It is located on the road from Antonina to Guaraqueçaba, 74 km away from Antonina. To reach its top there are 127 steps to climb at a height of about 30 m,which allows the tourist to contemplate the beautiful landscape of Guaraqueçaba´s bay and surroundings.

Ilha do Pinheiro

Just a few minutes away from the center of Guaraqueçaba, the island is very famous for the parrots" flight", which happens every rising day and at the sunset.

Ponta do Morretes

Located downtown in Guaraqueçaba, a tiny beautiful area, among trees and rocks, with a path around it, turns to be a pleasant place for a bath.

Morro do Quitumbê´s Mount

80 m heigh, it is located inside the city, with access right by the side of the church Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus dos Perdões. It has a trail in the middle of the native vegetation of about 800 m, which ends at the top pleasing the tourist with a magnificent view of the city and the bay.


Several islands are part of Guaraqueçaba, among them, are: Peças, Rasa, das Laranjeiras, do Rabelo, Povoca e do Superagüi, the last one claims the historical right about being the first place where the portugueses arrived in 1545, declared National Property in 1985, with the purpose of preserving the historical and natural aspects.

Parque Nacional do Superagüi

The national Park was created by the decree #º 97.688 , 27 of April, 1989, it has an area of 21.400 ha. It is part of the complex estuarino-lagunar integrated by por Cananéia, Iguape and Paranaguá, one of the most important regions of the country when when related to food sustentation. It includes swamps, several forms of vegetation, mangroves, isolated elevations, large areas of deserted beaches, besides many ecological trails. It is the home of different species of animals, some in danger of extinction, also many vegetables and flowers. The access is done through the sea, from Paranaguá or Guaraqueçaba.

Reserva Natural Salto Morato

First opened on the 8th of February, 1996,the reserve with 1716 ha, contributes with the permanent preservation of the most important area of the Atlantic Forest in the whole country. Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza, is the owner of the land, with the support of TNC (The Nature Conservancy) since February 1994, in December that same year IBAMA recognized it as a Private Reserve of National Property . There is a visitors center, with expo about the tropical and Atlantic Forest, space for courses, natural aquarium, research center, basic lab, front gate and gift shop, in 800 m2 of constructed area, only 2 % of the whole reserve can be reached by tourists through trails, each with proper signals. Campings may be authorized. The reserve is characterized by a rich Forest in biodiversity, with a significant number of animal species and vegetables in fragile balance, existing there, thanks to the water, fountains, falls in the area. (over 30). New species of fish have been found and registered, the birds at the reserve, represent 45 % of all the birds in Paraná. Besides that, 127 species of new trees were found, different kinds of flower scan be seen there, too. Its name is a reference to its main attraction, the fall 80 m high - O salto do Morato - one of the most charming views of the coastline. It is located 20 km from the center of Guaraqueçaba, through PR 405. Tel: (041) 978-2140.

Área de Proteção Ambiental (APA) de Guaraqueçaba

Guaraqueçaba, Antonina, Paranaguá and Campina Grande do Sul belong to the Environmental Protection Area,private owner with limited usage, aiming its protection against destruction due to its ecological and cultural importance.